Your end-to-end solution for quickly creating a 100% automated marketing engine that attracts more new prospects, turns more prospects into customers, and drives more repeat orders, cross selling, online reviews, and customer referrals.

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So What’s That Look Like?

We’ve created a turn-key (and headache-free) offering that gets you up and going fast!  It brings together strategic guidance, creative design and copy writing skills, technical expertise, done-for-you campaigns, deep-dive training, and personal support.

Bottom line – you don’t need to suffer through the steep learning curve… or learning from your mistakes!  We’re in this together.  WE GOT THIS!


Here’s How All That Breaks Down…



If you want to succeed with marketing automation, there’s a key point you always want to remember…

Strategy should drive the technologyTechnology should never drive the strategy. 

We’ll take time to get to know your business and your goals. Then we’ll work together to formulate the RIGHT strategy and marketing automation game plan to achieve success.




After we’ve got a solid strategy and a game plan mapped out, we’ll get to work on the initial system setup, including:

  • company branding,
  • core email templates,
  • database segmentation tags,
  • creation of any custom fields,
  • current contact list import, and
  • integration of Infusionsoft with your website


Infusionsoft is a powerful email marketing system, but it requires a bit of work to get started. We’ll custom-design email templates for your blog, newsletter, promotions, etc. as well as configure one or more distribution lists to ensure the RIGHT folks get the RIGHT emails!

We’ll also want to do a little technical work to ensure your domain officially names Infusionsoft as a provider that is allowed to send emails on your behalf.  It’s an easy tech tweak, but it is a big deal to maximize the deliverability of your emails.



Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder is where all the magic happens, and HMG’s involvement here will save you 50+ hours (no exaggeration)! We’ll do ALL the heavy lifting to create several custom campaigns including:

  • Lead capture and magnet delivery campaign (get more folks in your funnel)
  • Lead nurture campaign (turn early-stage prospects into customers)
  • Social media follow campaign (boost your exposure across social networks)
  • Net Promoter and online review campaign (keep a pulse on customer satisfaction and generate positive reviews)*
  • Limited time offer campaign (build urgency to drive more sales)*
  • “You Dream It… We Build It” campaign (that’s right… just get creative and we’ll be your master builder!)*

* These three campaigns are included in the “Premium Start” Package only.



One of the most powerful things about automation is its ability to keep a 24/7 watch on prospect behaviors… and use this information to “score” prospects based on their level of engagement.  That’s what lead scoring is all about.  It automatically sorts your tire kickers from your real potential buyers – and ensures your sales professionals spend time with only the most qualified and interested prospects!

We’ll work with you to establish the proper lead criteria (i.e., behaviors) and scoring process for your business.  Then we’ll set you up with real-time reporting so that you always identify your hottest leads at a glance!

* This work is included in the “Premium Start” Package only.



With a single system managing multiple marketing campaigns, it’s important that you have a way to stay “in-the-know” on things like recent prospect activity, email marketing stats, your hottest leads based on lead scoring, which campaigns are delivering the best results, and more!

We’ll work with you to customize your real-time, data-driven dashboard so you’re always in the loop!

* This work is included in the “Premium Start” Package only.



While we’ll be doing the lion-share of the work to get your marketing automation engine running, it’s also important to us that you are 100% comfortable using Infusionsoft once our implementation work has been completed.  That’s why we have specifically allowed time for training.

Some of this training is more “system/function focused” to ensure you have a solid foundational understanding of how to use the system.  Other parts of the training are embedded within our work together – for example, we’ll educate you on the purpose of a given campaign, and then walk you through the entire build process – explaining the logic and decisions that went into each component.  Think of this as 100% custom training within your account.

* All clients will receive 4 hours of system training. “Premium Start” Package clients will receive an additional 2 hours of more advanced, campaign builder “Ninja Training.”



During the early stages, there are times you will get stuck… it’s just the nature of learning such a powerful system.  Rest easy though. We’ve got your back!  Higgins Marketing Group offers all our implementation clients “white glove”, on-call support.  Since we are actively involved with your automation build and have first-hand-knowledge of your business objectives, having access to this level of personal service is great peace of mind for our clients.

* All clients will receive 1 month of Higgins Marketing Group on-call support. “Premium Start” Package clients will receive an additional 2 months of Higgins Marketing Group on-call support (3 months in total).  After this period, standard Infusionsoft Help Desk Support is available for as long as you continue using the software.

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