About Us

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Company

Higgins Marketing Group is a full-service digital marketing company focused exclusively on helping small to medium sized businesses grow their revenues.

Our core team is based in the Orlando, FL area – with about 50% of our clients being local and 50% being elsewhere in the US. As a full service web marketing firm, we partner with our clients in a variety of ways. For some, we’re heavily involved in every facet of their marketing, from strategy development through implementation. For others, we help with specific needs like website design, Google Ads management, SEO, Facebook advertising, and marketing automation.


Every business is unique, and we’ll never pretend we can be all things to all people. Our expertise is suited for a certain type of company, and those falling outside this niche usually aren’t a good fit. Here’s a quick rundown to help see if we’re a fit for you:

We’re probably a fit if…

  • Your company does less than 15 million in annual revenues. That’s our sweet spot and that’s where we can have the most impact.
  • Your company’s primary need is increasing revenue through generating sales leads, with long-term branding being secondary.
  • You need a partner that will provide honest feedback, make recommendations, and work with you over time to ensure results.

We’re probably not a fit if…

  • Your company does more than 15 million in annual revenue. Well done, but our strength lies in helping smaller companies get to this point.
  • Your company’s primary need is longer-term branding, with less need to focus on generating and nurturing sales leads.
  • You’re strictly looking for administrative or tactical support, such as sending an email blast or post card mailing.

“If you’re looking for a marketing partner to help your company grow, you just found them! Not only has HMG provided us with candid feedback and solid strategic advice, they’ve rolled up their sleeves and delivered a full mobile-friendly website, helped implement a marketing automation system, and conducted an overhaul of our Google AdWords program.”

Chris Mulligan, Chief Executive Officer, TalentKeepers

Guiding Principles

There are four principles that underscore our approach to every client relationship:



We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to significantly improve your business. HMG is not a vendor that seeks to push a specific product.


The direction we give our clients meets the same standards as the advice we would give people that are closest to us. We will be frank, honest and always recommend a solution that meets your needs. Sometimes we’ll play a part in delivering this solution. Sometimes we won’t.


We have a job to do – help you increase sales. We don’t shy away from this and openly work with you to measure the impact we’re having. If we’re not moving the needle in the right direction, we shouldn’t expect to be around for very long.


We educate. Our job is to help you define a clear and realistic game plan and execute on this plan. But we also educate you along the way. You may choose to work with us for the long haul, but we’ll take steps to ensure you’re not dependent on us.

Can HMG Support Every Aspect
of My Marketing?

We bring broad online marketing expertise to the table, along with deeper specialties in marketing strategy, unique selling proposition, sales copy, Google Ads pay-per-click, website design, and marketing automation. This mix of broad and specialized skills meet the needs of most clients, but we won’t hesitate to recommend other specialists that meet our standards for expertise and client focus. Either way, we’re deeply involved, act as your single point of contact, and maintain “ownership” of your success.

Don’t Be Shy. Get in Touch

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