Get Found.
Get More Leads.
Close More Deals.

You’ve got enough worries. Lean on us to find new customers.

Fed up with buying “hot leads” from Home Advisor or Angie?

Been let down by “experts” who made big promises, but failed to deliver results?


Truth is, there are no shortcuts to success.  Great marketing in the outdoor living industry requires specialized knowledge and a lot of hard work.  That’s where the Higgins Marketing Group comes into play.

what we do:

Our mission is simple: We make customer acquisition easy for our clients.

We do this by being laser-focused on 3 things:

Getting your message in front of your ideal customers

Impressing them so you become the obvious choice

Scheduling them for an estimate appointment

How we do it:

Getting results is all about using the right marketing mix for your local market.  The things that will help you stand out from your local competitors.

Below are a few of the strategies we often use to deliver results for our clients. In addition, there are a couple “secret” methods (NOT shared here) that we use to drastically increase lead flow.

Being Visible on Google

Using local SEO strategies to rank high on Google (both the Google Maps section and the organic listings) is the most effective and lasting way to establish yourself as an outdoor living contractor of choice in your area.

Not only does it increase your visibility and traffic, it lends instant credibility to your business in the eyes of prospective clients.

A Website Built to Impress

We have tested dozens of website designs and have identified a specific combination of components that delivers more leads than all others across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

With prominent calls to action, an attractive, fast loading, and secure design, content, imagery, and branding custom to your business, your website will be the “central hub” that we build your marketing around.


Boosting Online Reviews

There is nothing more important to getting new jobs than your reputation… and in today’s online world (accurate or not) your REPUTATION = YOUR ONLINE REVIEWS. 

In addition to customer judgements, both the quality and quantity of reviews will impact your rankings with Google.


Smart Ad Campaigns

It’s our goal to have you be seen everywhere that your ideal customers look. That’s one reason we can generate so many leads so consistently.  Paid ads play a key role in this because they can be precisely targeted and start driving leads to you immediately.

Depending on your local market, we’ll make sure you are visible on a variety of platforms including Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads (including Instagram feeds).


Connect With Email

Email is still a highly effective and inexpensive way to stay in contact with potential and existing customers. 

For potential customers, allowing them to sign up for special offers or valuable content is a great way to engage them.  For existing customers, email is a great tool for staying “top of mind” as well as asking for reviews and referrals.


Convert Leads to Jobs

We often tell clients… “Getting more leads is a thrill, but getting more jobs pays your bills.”

It couldn’t be truer, but it also shines the light on a gaping hole in most marketing companies’ strategies. They deliver leads and consider that a win… the successful endpoint.

We view this as a very costly mistake.

The introduction of a new lead into your business is not the endpoint, it’s the START of that prospect’s relationship with you… and what you do (or don’t do) to follow-up and nurture that relationship will have a massive impact on your revenues.


Tracking RESULTS

When we speak about tracking RESULTS, we’re talking about the metrics that really matter to your business: the number of leads generated, the quality of those leads, your average cost per lead, jobs landed from those leads, and how much every dollar spent is returning in revenue. 

We simply don’t shy away from these numbers. It’s what you are paying us to deliver.  We’re obsessed with the numbers to continually improve and deliver more value!