94% of people use search engines to help make purchasing decisions. Let’s make sure you’re there when prospects are looking!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

When’s the last time you gave thought to how incredible search engines really are? Think about it. You simply type in what you are looking for. Then, within about .34 seconds, the engine scours BILLIONS of pages and returns what you are looking for. Truly, it’s hard to wrap your head around. In less than one second, the engine aims to 1) display information relevant to your search terms, and 2) rank that information in order of perceived usefulness.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping the engines “see” that YOUR online content is highly relevant and important for the keywords your prospects type in that little box!

Why is search engine optimization important? Here’s why.
94% of people use search engines to help make purchasing decisions.
75% of these people never advance past the first page of search results.

So doing some simple math we find… If you’re not on page 1, 70% of your potential customers don’t know you exist.

A Quick Word of Caution About Search Engine Optimization

As you’d imagine, the stakes are high when it comes to search rankings. With big money on the line, there are always going to be crooks that try to scam the engines and scam their clients. We bring this up because it’s not an isolated issue. It’s a real problem and small businesses are often easy prey. Not only can you end up flushing dollars down the drain, but your website could be dropped from search results entirely.

As a way to help you avoid these scam artists, we encourage you to instantly download this 1-page PDF, 5 Warning Signs You May Be Considering a Search Engine Optimization Scammer

How HMG Can Help


There are a couple things to think about as you consider working with HMG for search engine optimization services.

First, we believe quality search engine optimization is a natural extension of other high quality messaging. The keywords chosen, the frequency in which they are used, the inbound links you seek to establish – they all should naturally flow from your unique selling proposition and well written sales copy. More and more, search engines are rewarding businesses for this focus on high quality search engine optimization, rather than focusing on “tactics” in order to rank higher.

Second, there are two broad elements of search engine optimization: On-page optimization and off-page optimization. For all but the smallest niches, both are required if you want to consistently rank well. On-page optimizations include things like keyword research and selection, URL structure, title tags, meta description tags, page content, optimization for speed, use of site maps and robot.txt files. Off-page optimization includes things like blogging, directory submissions, promotion via social media, and link building from other high-quality and relevant sites. HMG handles all aspects of on-page search engine optimization and helps you to establish and execute your off-page optimization strategy as well.

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