Preparing Your Marketing Game Plan

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
Abraham Lincoln

The Storyline of Small Business Marketing…

Here’s the storyline. A confident CEO starts a company. Through hard work, determination, and charisma things begin to grow.  Things keep growing for some time.  Eventually that growth slows. Things that always worked just don’t seem to work anymore.

Struggling to get things back on the growth track, the CEO starts wondering whether marketing could help (or… then again, whether marketing would be a total waste of money?). He knows some of his competitors are active on social media.  Others seem to always be cranking out promotional emails. So he keeps his fingers crossed and decides to jump into the world of online marketing.

Flash forward a couple of years.  The company continues to use online marketing because it helps land an occasional new customer. In fact, it’s expanded to now include buying bulk email lists, experimenting with Google Ads, and maintaining a Facebook and LinkedIn page.

But there’s a problem. On the good days, it’s a shotgun approach – there’s no real marketing game plan. On the bad days, it’s downright chaos. Some days the CEO feels like he should just blow the whole thing up.  Then again, he’s not sure the impact it might have on the business.

It’s not really an exaggerated story… and if any part of this hits home, we should talk!

A Solid Marketing Game Plan Helps You…

  • Clarify your niche market, your unique selling proposition, and key selling opportunities
  • Cut through the noise and identify the PRIORITY marketing elements that will work best for your business
  • Identify specific business metrics that can be used to measure progress, and increase ROI over time

How does it Work?

We’ll want to spend time talking with the CEO, marketing and sales folks, and those that implement and/or service your offering. We’d want to chat with some select customers. We’ll want to know about your top competitors so we can do some digging to see how you compare. Once we’ve gone deep to understand all the issues, we’ll present our honest assessment of your current marketing efforts including:

  • Your core messaging, including the clarity and impact of your unique selling proposition
  • How effective you are in generating website traffic (SEO, Google Ads, social media)
  • What image your website, sales collateral, and demos present to the market
  • The quality and persuasiveness of your sales copy
  • Search rankings in Google and Bing
  • How effective your website is at converting visitors into leads
  • Your ability to nurture leads in a strategic and consistent way

For each area identified as needing improvement, we’ll provide a marketing game plan – a clear, prioritized set of recommendations. The entire process typically takes about 3 weeks. At this point it will be your decision how you proceed.

Some clients are most comfortable methodically addressing each recommendation in order of priority. Other clients are more aggressive and want to address multiple things at once.

The key is to take ACTION – whether it’s a small step or a big one.  Ideas and recommendations are great, but action leads to results. While we stand ready to help implement your marketing game plan, that’s entirely your call. There are no commitments and we’re perfectly fine if you move forward with internal resources or other partners.

Don’t Be Shy. Get in Touch

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