Virtual Marketing Director

100% of the expertise.

20% of the cost.

Does a Virtual Marketing Director Make Sense for Me?

Without a doubt, investments made in marketing play a key role in growing a business. But CEO’s don’t live in the world of unlimited budgets. It’s ALWAYS a balancing act between investing for growth while maintaining a profitable company.

According to, the average median salary of an experienced Marketing Director is $96,015! This figure doesn’t even include benefits and infrastructure costs.

Does this investment make sense for your business right now?

If your answer is no, yet you feel your business would benefit from the guidance of an experienced Marketing Director, a Virtual Marketing Director might be the ideal solution.  HMG’s Founder, Jim Higgins, works with a limited number of clients in this capacity each month.

How does a Virtual Marketing Director Relationship Work?

That’s kind of the beauty of the model. You’re in the driver’s seat. What you need is different from what others might need. Maybe you want to pull Jim in for just a couple months to help define a clear road map for your marketing. Maybe it’s a longer term relationship, where he becomes your “go-to” guy for all your marketing efforts. Maybe you just figure his role out over time, and that’s fine also.

Whatever the case, when Jim acts as your Virtual Marketing Director you’re buying a certain number of hours each month that he will spend exclusively driving your marketing efforts. Typically, you’ll meet each week for about 45 minutes via a web-meeting to discuss strategy, priorities, progress, and next steps. The balance of his time is spent on EXECUTION – actually getting stuff done for you! If you need to connect on anything outside your weekly scheduled meeting time, no problem.

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