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As an Google Ads Clients with HMG, Here’s What You Get!

Let’s break things down into two core parts…

Part 1

The Initial Setup

Higgins Marketing Group - What's Included for Adwords Clients - Setup

How do you define “success?” We’ll talk about your specific objectives. Where Google Ads makes sense to your business… and where it doesn’t. We’ll define a set of realistic short and long-term goals and timelines that we’ll work hard to achieve.

HMG will do our homework to understand your business, your products and services, and your competitors. We’ll also take a hard look at your historical Google Ads data and external keyword research to uncover clues about what may (or may not) work as we move forward.

Based on your goals and our learnings, HMG will present you with a recommended game plan for the account. This includes a recommended account structure and budget breakdown, campaign types, targeted keywords, approach to ad copy, split testing and the keyword-level bidding strategy.
We put our heads down and start to execute the gameplan – building out all the campaigns, adgroups, keyword lists, ads, bids, and tracking codes to meet your objectives. When everything is ready to roll, we flip the switch. This is GO LIVE day. (An exciting day for us!)
While GO LIVE is exciting, it actually kicks off the hard part – WAITING. At this stage, we all need to be patient and listen to what your prospects are telling us about the new campaigns. We’ll soon be armed with the data to start the optimization process!

Part 2

The Optimization

Higgins Marketing Group - What's Included for Adwords Clients - Optimization

If you REALLY want to be successful with Google Ads, it’s important that you view it as more of a marathon than a sprint. Top 1% Google Ads results come from making tens of thousands of minor adjustments over the long haul (no exaggeration). We know… this is sometimes hard for clients to believe and appreciate until they get a taste of the rewards!

Here’s what we’ll do on a month-to-month basis to optimize your account.

  •  Adding additional keywords
  •  Eliminating wasteful keywords
  •  Adding negative keywords based on actual search queries
  •  Adding new ad groups based on promising keywords
  •  Making ad improvements based on split testing results
  •  Optimizing keyword level bids based on performance
  •  Monitoring quality scores and taking action to increase these scores
  •  Adjusting ad placements to increase click-through rates and conversions (Display Network)
  •  Eliminating duplicate keywords across ad groups
  •  Monitoring impression share and recommending budget changes
  •  Monitoring performance across devices, time and day, and geography to optimize
  •  Staying up to date on new features that hold promise for your account

You’re Always in the Loop.

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Weekly Performance Stats

Every week you will receive a quick summary of the previous week’s key stats. It also includes historical stats for comparison. This allows you to clear see the impact we’re having over time and whether we are tracking toward our goals.

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Monthly Scorecard and Web Meeting

Every month we’ll meet online and review your “Performance Scorecard Report.” This report details all stats, from impressions through conversions, quality score trending, top performing keywords, top performing ads, and a detailed accounting of all the tasks that took place in your account during the last month. We also use this time to discuss key opportunities and priorities for the current month.

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Ongoing Communication

Aside from the weekly reports you’ll receive, we almost always connect with you each week via phone or email. Honestly, some clients want to be very involved in the day-to-day and other are fine just knowing that their account is trending in a positive direction. Either case is fine with us. Your dedicated HMG Google Ads Manager is here for you whenever you need help!

HMG has been an incredible partner in helping us maximize our Google Ads ROI. Well beyond Google Ads, they brought more real-world business experiences to the table than any other company we were considering. That has proved to be invaluable for us. If you’re looking for a solid Google Ads partner with people you can trust, HMG is the company!

Glen Jaffee

Vice President, AlignMark

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