How Often Should I Send Marketing Emails?

Many business owners grapple with this question because sending too many or too few marketing emails can result in a decrease in sales, subscribers, or both.

When it comes to connecting with customers, email marketing is one of the most successful techniques businesses have at their disposal to keep their audience informed and engaged. However, there’s a fine line between nudging and bothering. This tightrope takes time for marketers to master, but the following guidelines will help you learn when and how often to send marketing emails, so they don’t end up in the prospect’s Junk folder.

Email marketing is about tapping a customer on the shoulder.

Email marketing takes many forms. Some businesses send out monthly newsletters while others use it to broadcast new products and services, sales, and important updates. No matter how you choose to format your marketing emails, it’s important to understand that your end goal with this strategy is to stay top-of-mind with customers without being annoying.

Regardless of the type of information being communicated, when marketing emails and campaigns pop up in a recipient’s inbox, the customer is reminded that the business is ready to provide whenever they are ready to purchase.

Take note of email marketing best practices!

Consider these tips when determining the frequency of your marketing emails.

Just ask!  

Simply asking a subscriber how often they want to receive email correspondence will not only get you the answer you seek, but it’s also a great relationship building technique because you’re demonstrating that you’re considerate of their time.

You can even provide them with a checklist of email communications such as newsletters, blog links, sales, promotions, and updates, so they can choose to receive the types of emails that interest them the most while opting out of others.

Drip, drip, drip…

Businesses have enjoyed great success utilizing automated email services to conduct drip marketing campaigns. This technique is often successful at attracting customers’ attention and increasing sales because it is personalized and on a pre-set schedule.

Well-designed drip email marketing offers superior convenience because customers can easily change the frequency of the emails if they feel they’re receiving too many.

Giving customers the ability to choose how often they receive emails works in favor of businesses, too, because it helps their marketing emails from getting permanently junked or labeled as spam.

Email marketing is a big no-no on Mondays.

If it’s Monday morning and you’re getting ready to send out a marketing email—DON’T! It’s always best to assume that your subscribers have a Case of the Mondays. Be respectful by not volleying for their attention. Should you decide to ignore this suggestion, there’s a good chance your marketing email will become lost within the sea of their responsibilities and may never get read.

Of course, there’s always an exception to the rule. If you have something super exciting to announce that can’t wait until the following day, send your marketing email after 5pm.

Aim for Tuesday mornings.

By Tuesday, most people have recovered from their Case of the Mondays and ready to get back into the swing of things. This is the reason why this is the optimum day of the week to send out marketing emails.

Likewise, your newsletter should be emailed to your subscribers on the first Tuesday of the month.

Gentle nudges twice a month will make a positive impact.

According to industry standards, it’s perfectly fine to keep in touch with your customers using marketing emails every couple of weeks.

However, every business is unique and occasionally opportunities arise where you’ll need to connect with customers more often. For example, if a popular item has been out of stock and you finally have it available, let your customers know by dropping them a line. They’ll appreciate the heads up and you’ll increase your loyal customer base!

It’s all about presentation!

Putting frequency aside for a moment, it’s essential to create marketing emails that are fun and informative. If you consistently strive for this style, your customers will look forward to hearing from you, and may even forward your emails to their friends and family! When this happens, your company is benefitting from word-of-mouth advertising, which is a supremely powerful form of marketing because it’s the most trusted. As your marketing emails spread like wildfire, your subscriber base will grow twofold.

While it’s necessary to consider the frequency of your marketing emails, content is still king.

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