AlignMark Project Overview…

Higgins Marketing Group partnered with AlignMark across a number of areas including marketing strategy, core messaging, website design, marketing automation, and Google AdWords. The website design project called for tighter sales copy, a cleaner and more visually engaging look, and a focus on generating more sales leads.

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AlignMark’s take on things…


“Partnering with HMG, we gained all the value of an entire marketing department without most of the costs. HMG helped us create a marketing strategy and content, geared for today’s prospects and buyers. HMG took the lead on the execution of the strategy and we immediately saw a ROI in terms of new leads and sales. As a valued and trusted member of our team, we will continue to use HMG as our outsourced marketing department.”


Cabot Jaffee, Ph.D.

President and CEO, AlignMark

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