Data Graphics Inc. Overview

Based in greater Orlando, Data Graphics is a highly regarded custom industrial label manufacturer.  Stemming from HMG’s AdWords analysis and management, it became apparent that the company could greatly benefit from a better converting website.  This was not a typical website design project.  In fact HMG leveraged 90% of the company’s existing design.  The objective was to take that design and 1) migrate to a WordPress CMS environment, while also 2) making strategic tweaks to greatly increase conversions.  It was a clear win on both accounts!

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Data Graphic’s take on things…


“Data Graphics, Inc. has partnered with Higgins Marketing Group (HMG) since mid-2015. When we first engaged them, our AdWords campaign was struggling. While we were spending marketing dollars with Google, the leads were not coming through. HMG came in and did a full analysis of our account and found several items that needed improvement. HMG jumped into action and we immediately started to see quality score improvements, conversion rate increases and our CPC went down dramatically. In turn, we were able to control our spend and get opportunities. But, HMG is much more than an AdWords company. They immerse themselves in the mission and genuinely care about the success of the company. They consider our success their success and thus a mutually beneficial partnership is made.”


Brad Butterstein

President, Data Graphics, Inc.

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