Mian Talent Solutions Overview

Mian Talent Solutions is an Orlando, Florida-based firm made up of a team of highly experienced Industrial & Organizational Psychologists.  Soon after the launch of Mian Talent Solutions, the principals approached Higgins Marketing Group about creating the initial brand and website for the firm – EXCITING!  In an industry that is known for “piling on” the technical information, Mian Talent Solutions aimed to do just the opposite… offer a simple and clean website that allows prospects to quickly and easily understand their value proposition.

Want to see more?  Visit Mian Talent Solutions website at www.miantalentsolutions.com

Mian Talent Solutions’ take on things…


“Working with HMG to design my website was a true partnership. They listened to my ideas and then infused the site with their expertise in design, and sales copy. They are very knowledgeable about different markets and industries and were able to quickly advise me on how I needed to capture the attention of potential clients! High integrity, customer focus, and technical expertise are just a few of the many outstanding qualities you will experience when working with HMG!”


Michael Zia Mian, Ph.D

Founder & Principal Consultant

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