Reasons Why Your Business Still Needs a Solid Website

In an ever-changing world, businesses of all sizes need informative and attractive websites to anchor their business and demonstrate to customers that their company has strength and stability. Even if you think you are keeping your customers engaged through social media, your establishment needs a central hub, so customers can examine not just your products and services, but all aspects of your business.    

Having a rock-solid website will help your business gain followers, expand your customer base, and take your revenue to new heights. The following protocols demonstrate how this is possible.

1. Send a brief text invitation with a direct weblink. If you have permission to send your customers text messages, this is the perfect opportunity to announce your latest updates and sale prices while providing customers with a link to your website. Using this method of advertising makes it easy for customers to visit your business’ website by giving them quick and convenient access from their smart phones. Just be sure your website is formatted for a phone’s screen.

2. Display all your social media links for customer convenience. Not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram, and some may not know that you post updates via YouTube videos. Adding social media logos to the homepage of your website lets visitors know right away which social media platforms you’re active on, so they can follow you.     

3. Appear in web search engine results. If you don’t have a website, your business won’t show when people are searching for what they need. Imagine how many dollars you’re missing out on because people are buying from other companies.

4. Boost your image and reputation. Simply put, people do not want to do business with anyone who doesn’t present themselves as credible and steadfast. However, a well-organized and informative website gives people the confidence to purchase because they can learn about the business and read testimonials from satisfied customers.  

5. An attractive landing page will catapult sales. Landing pages have been quite successful at leading people to companies offering whatever they’re looking to buy. However, if you don’t have a website, you cannot reap the rewards of this powerful marketing tool.  

A solid business website is needed now more than ever before as countless people are shopping for products and services online. Furthermore, websites never close unlike brick-and-mortar stores. Truth be told, the longer your business operates without a website, the distance between you and your competition will become a great chasm as your potential customers spend their money elsewhere.

If your business needs a strong, dynamic website to attract the masses, Higgins Marketing Group can help. Contact us for a pressure-free chat about the techniques that will put your business ahead of the rest. Not sure yet? Check out our work and let us know when you’re ready.