Strategies for Holiday Marketing

NOTE: With this blog we shift our primary focus away from our typical business-to-business marketing topics, to focus more on those client who will be selling online this Holiday season.

The holiday season is approaching faster than a bobsled with no breaks, so now’s the time for business owners to get their jolly on and start preparing to recoup the profits that were lost over the course of the year.

Make no mistake, the 2020 winter holiday sales ramp up is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. People who have preferred to shop at brick and mortar stores in the past will instead decide to stay in the comfort of their homes and buy online. On the flip side, competition will be fierce among businesses as many will be clawing their way back from the repercussions of the coronavirus. Don’t get caught on thin ice! Start preparing now, so you can navigate the twists and turns of the slope ahead.

To make sure your holiday sales season is merry and bright, follow these helpful tips. 
  1. Jingle their bells – each week! Bring cheer to your customers and snow your competition by offering special sales promotions that change each week. By doing this type of marketing, you give yourself the flexibility to offer sweeter deals during high volume sales days to attract hard-core bargain hunters and last-minute shoppers.  
  2. Be a helpful elf. Every shopper has at least one person on their list that’s difficult to buy for, so cater to these customers by setting up an email campaign that will deliver one-of-a-kind gift ideas. It’s best to provide links that will take customers directly to the item’s page on your website. Additionally, don’t forget to include a ‘Shop Now’ button within the body of the email to make it easy for recipients to gain direct access to your online product catalogue.
  3. Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go! Today’s societal challenges are making people nostalgic for simpler times. Evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity in customers’ minds by using black and white photos of holidays from yesteryear and antique font styles in your emails and newsletters. Doing this will help them feel “at home” while perusing your website, which will turn them into loyal customers.
  4. You’ll see more than ten lords a leaping and nine ladies dancing when you offer your most loyal customers a special gift. Even though you are laser focused on attracting new customers, take the time to reward the ones who have stuck by your side. Another version of this idea is to provide a special discount or gift to the customers who send their friends and loved ones to your site. Create a spot in your ‘check out’ where customers can supply the name and email address of the person who recommended they stop at your shop.  
  5. Ho-ho-ho! Always on the go! Shoppers nowadays are using cell phones more than computers to make online purchases. Therefore, your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices, so customers don’t end up giving their business to your competition.
  6. Be Santa! If you don’t already offer free shipping, now’s the time to do so to ensure you have a strong holiday sales season. When customers see that their items will be delivered at no charge, they’ll have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

Taking advantage of these marketing techniques is the best way to get your sales numbers out of the red and into the black. However, don’t wait until the last minute to create your email campaigns and newsletters, and make the necessary changes to your website. If you experience any technical glitches, you’ll need time to get your reindeer in a row.

If you want to make your digital marketing sparkle like holiday lights, Higgins Marketing Group can help. Contact us for a pressure-free chat about the primary elements needed to drive more customers to your website. Not sure yet? Check out our work and let us know when you’re ready.