Social Media Marketing Infographic References

This week I want to quickly pass on a couple infographics that we think are very cool… but more importantly, very helpful in our day-to-day social media management efforts (both for us and our clients).

When it comes to social media, there are few practical questions that clients always bring up:

  • What are the most effective days and times for us to post?
  • I’m confused… what size images should we create for the different social media channels?
  • I’m spending TOO MUCH TIME managing social media! Anything I can do that might help?

So, rather than recreating the wheel, we thought it might be helpful to pull together 3 great infographics into a single post.  Each infographic directly addresses one of the practical social media questions above.

Higgins Marketing Group would like to give a shout out to QuickSprout and for their great work in creating these!  Great tools and well worth sharing…


  • (1) What are the best times to post on Social Media – courtesy of QuickSprout

  • (2) 2015 Social Media Image Sizes Guide – courtesy of

  • (3) 2015 Social Media Shortcuts Guide – courtesy of


Hope this helps!  If there are other infographics related to social media that you absolutely love, provide a description and a link in the comments.  As long as it adds value, I’ll approve and post for others to access!


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