5 Ways to Write Persuasive Sales Copy

When it comes to marketing, it all starts with sales copy. In large part, it’s your sales copy that determines how successful you’ll be in getting your prospect to take action – responding to an emails, staying on your website, reviewing your sales brochures, joining your mailing list, downloading a PDF, or in many cases, purchasing your product online.

Sales copy in and of itself is supposed to be persuasive. If you are writing sales copy that is not swaying the audience into believing that your business’ product or service is what they need, it is just words on a page and you have wasted precious time and energy. As a business owner, you need to learn how to create stimulating sales copy with focused energy that will grow your customer base and produce returns in the least amount of time.  

Remember, you are both an expert and a fan who is informing the audience about your brand’s product or service. Keep this in the back of your mind while considering each of the following sales copy writing techniques.  

  1. Present solid research. People will not buy from someone they do not trust. Weaving research in your sales copy demonstrates to the readers that you have done your homework. This not only provides your prospects with more value, it helps establish you as an expert who can be trusted.
  2. Tell a story. True sales professionals are masters at storytelling because they know that this is one of the most powerful business tools. Not only are you gaining the audience’s attention by entertaining them, but you are communicating with them on a human level. Crafting your sales copy in the form of a story is a sure-fire way to capture the reader and keep them coming back for more.
  3. Know your audience. When you understand what your audience wants, you have a greater chance of turning them into loyal customers by delivering content that they will find noteworthy and inspiring. I’d challenge you to go beyond the surface desires of your audience. For example, if you sell lawnmowers a surface desire of your prospect might be to own a mower that always starts easily. However, if you dig a little deeper, there is a more compelling and emotional desire for many. How about the satisfaction they will get by having the best manicured, best-looking lawn in the neighborhood?
  4. Master your tone of voice. To understand how to write with the proper tone of voice, imagine the clothing you wear to different kinds of events. If you are attending a board meeting, your best bet is to wear a suit. However, if you are going to an employee appreciation picnic, you are going to show up in a casual outfit. Most sales copy is going to be written in a “business casual” tone of voice, but there are some instances when you will want to write in a more adept tone, or give your copy a spirited and humorous voice. The crux of the issue is what tone is going to work best to motivate your audience.
  5. Include a clear call to action (CTA). This is probably the most important part of functional and influential sales copy. Every successful salesperson knows that you must ask for the sale. How this relates to your business depends on what you want the audience to do. Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Maybe you want them to buy your product or register for a free demo. Don’t be shy and be crystal clear about what you’d like your prospect to do. It may surprise you how often thy take you up on your offer!

Writing sales copy that is both captivating and motivational takes practice. However, if you persevere and learn from your mistakes, your sales copy will soon become stronger and you will see a uptick in your results.

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