How to Leverage Facebook Live as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Higgins Marketing Group Facebook LIveHave you ever thought about incorporating live video into your business marketing strategy? Maybe just the thought of it creates a feeling of anxiety in the pit of your stomach.  You might be thinking… “I’m not natural in front of the camera” or “I’ve got more of a radio face!”

Truth is, most business owners haven’t yet pulled the trigger on live video, but I can assure you that thousands are taking that leap every day.  Why?  Because engagement is higher with video than with other static media… and engagement leads to sales!

According to HubSpot, after watching a product video, 64% of people are more likely to buy that product online, and 90% of people say watching a video is helpful in their decision to buy a product.

But I’m not just talking about general video in this post, I’m talking about real LIVE VIDEO.  Now more than ever, prospects want to feel a personal connection – BUT that connection needs to be on their terms and in a way it can be easily consumed.  So it’s OUT with the unwanted cold calls and it’s IN with the virtual personal connection via live video!

Live Video Is Captivating (but it’s NOT about perfection)

Turn on the camera, point it in the right direction, and GO LIVE. I know that might feel scary, but it’s one of the most impactful ways you can create engagement and interaction with your audience. It’s just you being you!  Is your delivery going to be perfect – NOPE, and that’s fine.  Prospects don’t want you to be perfect, they want you to be yourself.

So let’s cover a few basics regarding one of the hottest things going, Facebook Live, and how you might leverage it to grow your business.

What Is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is an application that allows Facebook users to turn on a live video feed that their followers can watch in real time. Sounds simple, right? It isn’t complex to use and, once you begin to use it frequently, you’re sure to see a lot of attention from those on your feed.

Here’s what happens when you go live:

  • People tune in to listen to what you say as they are scrolling through their News Feed.
  • They can interact with you in the comments section and ask questions in real time.
  • They can Like your post and Share it with their friends.
  • Over time, you can grow both your audience and your brand.

What’s more, Facebook announced that it is giving preference to live videos in the News Feed. This means that, if you are using the live feature, your video post will rank higher in the News Feed than a standard post. Folks are more likely to see this post than any other that you place on your page.  Pretty cool, right?

Think You Don’t Have Anything to Say?

One of the most common misconceptions about using Facebook Live is that there’s nothing to talk about. That’s simply not true! In this informal and relaxed environment, there’s very little that you can’t talk about with your audience.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Discuss a product launch. Are you unveiling a new service or have a special announcement? Instead of a basic post on Facebook, turn it into a live video.
  • Host a behind-the-scenes look at your business. For example, a bakery might show how a popular item is made.  A technology firm might do a walk-through of their “technology pit” and introduce followers to the behind-the-scenes programmers that make the product actually function.
  • Host a question-and-answer session with your page. This is a fantastic way to embrace your readers while also showing them how transparent your company and service is.
  • Start a conversation. It’s important not to alienate your audience with political views, for example, but you can begin a conversation (and perhaps even include a fun contest) in your videos.
  • Be yourself. Discuss a topic of value to your audience. Show your audience you care about their needs. In some cases, you can turn live videos into an opportunity to share information and opinions, or request them. This personal touch goes a long way in building your brand.

So are you ready to GO LIVE? Take some time to consider whether it’s a fit for your business, and if so… get online!  Sure, the first time WILL feel awkward – but it only gets easier from there.

Good luck!