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If you follow my blog regularly, you know I spend a fair amount of the time “in the weeds,” writing about website conversion, marketing automation, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, etc.  Today I’d like to take a break from all the tactics and focus a bigger picture, future-focused issue:  Generation Z.

Members of Generation Z were born after 1995, and while most of them aren’t quite old enough to purchase products on their own yet, they still have a huge effect on the market; their opinions on what is “cool” or not is enough to make or break a product.

As Generation Z approaches the coveted 18-34 age demographic, companies are looking to switch their marketing strategies in order to fit the needs of this generation. Here are a few tips so that your company isn’t left behind when Generation Z takes center stage as a primary marketing demographic:


No Surprise.  It’s All About Technology

Higgins Marketing Group - Is Your Marketing Ready for Generation Z?This should be a no brainer. While the Millennials grew INTO technology, Gen Zrs have ALWAYS had access to the internet… and most likely don’t remember a time before social media. Generation Z isn’t as likely to watch TV as millennials, preferring to either watch shows via websites such as Hulu or turn on YouTube (which is by far Gen Zrs preferred form of entertainment). With entertainment shifting further away from traditional marketing outlets, you’ll need to change your marketing strategies to include more and more online advertising.



Higgins Marketing Group - Is Your Marketing Ready for Generation Z?(Not the legendary rock band – sorry) K.I.S.S. stands for “keep it simple, stupid,” and this acronym should form the cornerstone for marketing campaigns targeting Gen Zrs. It’s not that Generation Zrs are stupid; in fact, they are probably the most overall educated generation ever. Rather, your ads need to remain simple because Generation Z is constantly plugged in and multi-tasking. This results in a faster lifestyle and a shorter attention span.

Gen Zrs have always been bombarded with advertising, so they’ve become very skilled at filtering out unwanted messages.  You can all but guarantee they will ignore longer, complex pitches.


Be Mindful of the World

Higgins Marketing Group - Is Your Marketing Ready for Generation Z?Generation Z wants to make the world a better place, and will adjust their purchases to reflect this. When marketing to this age group, emphasize how much you care about the world and highlight any social changes your company is striving to make (as an example, anti-bullying is a great cause to support, since bullying is on the rise and many Gen Zrs have experienced “cyber bullying”).

Gen Zrs also care more about how their products were produced than Millennials.  As such, they expect products produced ethically – meaning that those making and selling the product are fairly compensated and, in the case of food, the animals used were raised ethically. Make sure to highlight these aspects of your business as well when marketing to Gen Zrs.


Use THE RIGHT Social Media Networks

Higgins Marketing Group - Is Your Marketing Ready for Generation Z?Remember Myspace? Gen Zrs don’t – even though it was once the most popular social media network in the world – during their lifetimes, no less.

While much of social media advertising currently revolves around Facebook, Gen Zrs are beginning to migrate to different social media platforms – just like when Millennials moved away from Myspace and began using Facebook.

Busy lifestyles have caused Gen Zrs to gravitate towards “quick” social media outlets like Twitter, Vine, and Instagram. Instagram and Vine are relatively new social media outlets, and revolve around pictures and videos that can be consumed at lightning speed. And, considering the age of the average Gen Zr, this isn’t likely to be the last social media switch they make either, so keep an eye on the ever changing social media landscape and be prepared to adopt new social media outlets quickly.

Reactions?  Have any other tips for marketing to Gen Zrs?  Let folks know by leaving a comment below!

Until next time.