Small Business and Marketing Automation: A Match Made in Heaven!

For most small businesses, every lead and every contact is vitally important. But, let’s be honest – most are strapped for resources and they’re working crazy hard to manage the day-to-day of their business. They don’t have the time to manage every connection point with each potential lead.  As a result, many make the logical choice to spend their efforts on only the hottest leads, hoping to secure the sale – the low hanging fruit. Believe me, I get it… but what if there was a way to do A LOT more in less time?

You can, and it involves marketing automation.

What Is Marketing Automation?

First, let’s start by breaking down what marketing automation is. It is a system that relies on technology-based processes (and smart humans who put the processes in place) to generate and manage your leads. Done correctly, it can help you:

  • Attract new leads.
  • Captures lead information for your business to use.
  • Automatically “nurture” those leads, turning them into true prospects.
  • Earn the initial business, upsell, and generate repeat business.
  • Reach new customers through referrals.

How Does This Directly Impact Small Businesses?

All of this sounds “good” but doesn’t answer the key question: How will this impact your small business’s bottom line? The good news is it offers a direct return on investment, and from our experience, this is true in nearly every situation and nearly immediately. It’s simply a smarter way of doing business. Here’s how marketing automation enhances your ability to market efficiently and effectively.

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