5 Creative Marketing Strategies

It’s time to shake things up!

People don’t just appreciate imaginative problem-solvers, they trust them. When you replace dusty marketing tactics with creative strategies, you’ll increase your customer base and leave your competition in the dust.

The following marketing strategies will deliver renewed success to your business!  

#1. Create a Facebook group for customers. This marketing technique is a perfect way to provide personal engagement, initiate calls to action, receive immediate feedback from polls, announce offers, and build trust by providing value.

Get started by publishing a few interesting Facebook posts designed to inspire engagement and discussion. Then, send out a mass invite to your email and newsletter subscribers. Feel free to include your Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram followers in this invitation, or wait a week or so until customer participation has already kicked off, so the group’s flurry of activity is attractive to those who frequent your other platforms.

Not only will this technique strengthen the relationship you have with your customers, but your customer base will expand as they’ll invite their friends to the group. Be sure to generate new content often to keep everyone actively engaged and run paid ads focused on your target audience. Be sure not to neglect these two tasks or the group will stagnate.

#2. Generate enthusiasm with an event-based contest. Contest marketing is a powerful tool for both new and small businesses because it grabs the audience’s attention and encourages engagement. Not only do contests promote your brand, but they reduce marketing costs.

Event-based challenges usually precede holidays. However, some marketers will use them to honor specific occasions such as the anniversary of their business’ grand opening and calendar acknowledgements (ex. October is breast cancer awareness month).

You can also create fresh excitement by announcing that your business is in search of a new logo or slogan. People love these types of contests! Plus, your business will receive greater exposure because your followers will share this unique challenge with their friends and relatives.

#3. Spark interest with freebies. What four-letter word grabs a person’s interest like no other? FREE!

Marketing with giveaways is an ideal way to gain new customers because people are more likely to try a new product if they don’t have to open their wallet. Nevertheless, this marketing technique must be executed with precision if it’s going to convert prospects into customers.

Product samples are always popular giveaways, but customers also appreciate receiving instructional videos and guides. If your business is service oriented, be careful about giving away free projects. While doing this will help build your portfolio, it has the highest failure rate because the return on investment is practically non-existent.

The key to freebie marketing is moderation. When you give too much away, you will lessen its value.

 #4. Introduce a rewards program. If increasing customer loyalty is your prime focus, starting a rewards program is the marketing campaign that will help you achieve this goal.

Rewards programs are based on audience participation, and this can be achieved a few different ways. If you have a monthly newsletter, offer an incentive such as a discount on their first purchase when they subscribe. You can provide a freebie when customers sign up for a redeemable punch/stamp card, which can be physical or virtual. The program can also be based on points. For example, when customers accumulate 1000 purchase points, they’ve earned $10 they can use toward any product or service.

When your business has a rewards program, your return on investment will increase in tandem with your growing customer base.

#5. Demonstrate your devotion to the community. Many business owners are enjoying great success after becoming active in community building. There are so many different avenues to explore, you don’t have to limit yourself by just choosing one!

Getting started with this type of marketing campaign is easy. Simply volunteer your time and energy to a cause close to your heart. Then, use your website or social media to share your charitable contribution with your customers via photos, videos, and updates.

Are you passionate about helping shelter pets find their forever home? Announce that you’re sponsoring a rescued dog or cat and post a link to the cutie’s adoption page. Once the sponsored pet has found its “furever” home, announce this great news to your audience, then find another homeless pet to sponsor.

It doesn’t matter if you’re concerned with deforestation or feeding hungry families, getting involved with bettering the community will earn you the trust and admiration of your customers. You might even receive messages from customers thanking you for inspiring them to do the same!

Smart business owners who invest in creative marketing strategies are the survivors during these tumultuous times. Not only are they experiencing newfound success and increased credibility, but they’re crushing the competition. The most successful marketers run multiple creative campaigns at once because they’re very cost effective and deliver positive results faster than traditional marketing techniques.

If you’re ready to attract more loyal customers and see consistently higher sales numbers, Higgins Marketing Group can help. Contact us for a pressure-free chat about how creative marketing strategies will give your business the attention and recognition it deserves.

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