Landing Page Must-Haves to Convert More Visitors

Landing pages are essential business tools. However, if they are not designed with specific features, they will fail at converting visitors into customers. To ensure success at keeping potential customers from going elsewhere, the landing page must communicate in no uncertain terms that a business has the products and/or services that will solve visitors’ problems. In addition, the page needs to convince the reader that the business cares about its customers, even after the sale has been completed.  

Use the following techniques to turn interested parties into loyal customers.
  1. Hook them with a stunning headline and an equally compelling sub-headline. Seconds count! Draw visitors in quickly with a captivating statement that isn’t vague or mysterious. Potential customers need to know immediately that your business has what they need, so they don’t go elsewhere.     
  2. Include a persuasive hero shot. This involves presenting visitors with imagery that enables them to envision the benefits they will gain from becoming a valued customer. People are greatly influenced by pictures and videos, so if your headline fails to pull them in, the imagery should do the trick.
  3. “Look no further!” Explain to visitors the value of what is being offered and especially how they will benefit from it. This is your chance to be their friend by overcoming their objections and providing trustworthy product or service comparisons.
  4. Present a clear call to action. Make it easy for customers to understand what you want them to do. In other words, what is their next step? Do you want them to subscribe to an email list or newsletter, or sign up for a freebie? Maybe you’re enticing them to “buy now” or “click to learn more” about the product or service. Whatever it is you’re offering, create an obvious call-to-action button that’s designed with pizzazz and utilizes the proper psychology to keep visitors from leaving your landing page. Remember to have only one call to action to limit unnecessary navigation and prevent visitors from becoming confused.  
  5. Satisfied customers are your biggest fans! Help visitors feel more confident about accepting your call to action by including testimonials from happy customers. Studies have found that people are more comfortable dealing with businesses they aren’t familiar with when they hear that others have had good experiences.
  6. Don’t be shy! Reveal your good standing. While not required, it helps to add Trust Seals such as awards, certifications, and partnerships to demonstrate your business’ solid reputation.

Keep in mind that your landing page may be people’s first introduction to your website, so make the landing page sparkle with a design that’s eye catching and clearly expresses how your business has exactly what they need. However, avoid adding unnecessary information because this will cause your landing page will appear cluttered, and that’s never a good look.

If your business needs a powerful landing page that will expand your customer base by increasing your conversion rate, Higgins Marketing Group can help. Contact us for a pressure-free chat about how we can design a spectacular landing page that’s just as unique as your business.    

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