Should I Incorporate Video into My Marketing?

Understanding your audience is an essential element of successful marketing campaigns. A large portion of today’s consumers are very visual and have short attention spans. Truth is, if your emails are always in textual format you risk being ignored by those who would rather watch a video than read.

Regardless of whether someone has a short attention span or not, research indicates that marketers have only eight seconds to capture a person’s interest. Considering this information, it would be unwise for a business owner to forgo using videos within their marketing campaign.

Creating videos and vlogs (short for video blogs) is a great way to introduce yourself to your customers and remain top of mind. Why? The reason is simple. When people see you talking about topics related to your business that are of interest to them, a barrier is broken as they begin to feel like they know you. Engaging with your customers in this manner is a great way to increase brand awareness.  

Still not convinced that videos and vlogs will boost your bottom line? Read on.  

  1. Rise to the top. Videos lengthen a website visitor’s stay, which tells search engines that a particular site has interesting content and is worthy of promoting. Google, the owner of YouTube, states that businesses with videos on their websites are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of search results, which is exactly where you want to be.   
  2. Sharing is caring. According to Wyzowl, 90% of people watch videos on their smart phones. For marketers, this means that their videos will be seen by followers even when they are on the go. Most importantly, there is a good chance that the receiver will share the video with friends, coworkers, and anyone else they encounter while out and about. The marketer has now captured the attention of someone they may never have reached otherwise.   
  3. Showing vs Telling. If you want to introduce a new product or service, creating a visual presentation is ten times more effective than announcing it with verbiage. This is because a video will clearly demonstrate your product’s purpose and value while leaving nothing to the imagination. A direct result of this is a greater ROI, plus you will not have to spend time answering questions from confused customers.  

There is no question that videos are a critical factor of successful marketing campaigns. However, if the videos are not entertaining and educational, followers may get bored and go elsewhere.

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