Top Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business This Summer

Make this a summer to remember! Even if your business has been doing spectacularly well, you can’t go wrong by stepping out of your marketing comfort zone. You can accomplish this by test-driving promotional techniques that you haven’t tried before. Exploring different avenues will open new doors and help you attract customers you thought were out of reach.

The following marketing strategies will have you seeing fireworks this summer—and beyond!  

1. Do what you do best, but with a twist. You’re already adept at creating and producing, so take your talents to the next level by making a video about your business and featuring it on TikTok. This video-based platform is skyrocketing in popularity, which is why it’s time you gave it a try. The reality is that inbound content generates three times as many leads as outbound marketing strategies. It also costs approximately 60% less! Create the right content and your unique video will be viewed by people who aren’t aware of your business, but the information you present will entice them to learn more.        

 2. Celebrate the season! Most all businesses run sales during Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, so on and so forth. Set your business apart from the rest by holding promotions on the days leading up to the holidays. For example, check out the forecast for the week prior to Labor Day. Pick one day that’s predicted to be a scorcher, then prepare a mass email campaign titled “Have an Ice Cream on Us”. Schedule the emails to go out early in the morning on the chosen day. The campaign will instruct the recipient that they can save $5 on their total purchase “today only” by using the word COOL during check out, then they can buy a cold treat to beat the heat with the money they saved. Not only will this fun campaign entice them to make a purchase, but it gives you the opportunity to mention your Labor Day sale! You’re sure to see many COOL customers returning to save on purchases during your holiday sale.  

 3. Go “old school”. Hands down, word-of-mouth advertising is still the best. Aside from it costing absolutely nothing, you’re making sales because people trust your business and feel confident about sending their friends and family your way. It doesn’t get more awesome than this! Get the beach ball rolling by announcing via email, social media, and text messaging that you’re running a referral program throughout the summer. Not only will the person doing the referring get an incentive, but the person they referred will also benefit.    

 4. Everyone’s a winner! Summer is the season for contests and giveaways. There are countless ways to design this type of marketing campaign, so get creative! Not only will the lucky winners become loyal customers, but all the contestants are now recipients of your emails and newsletters. It won’t be long before your sales numbers are soaring!  

 5. Be persuasive in more ways than one. Expand your use of influencer marketing by utilizing a platform you haven’t tried before. If you’re actively promoting your business on Facebook, but have never tried Instagram, create an account. Be sure to announce this great news on your usual platforms, so all your customers are aware. You’ll soon have a strong following and new followers on your other platforms.  

No matter what marketing strategies you decide to employ, be sure to communicate your dedication to providing quality products and services. This can be accomplished by simply linking to your customer reviews. If you want to gain more reviews, offer customers an incentive if they provide a detailed review.

If you’re ready to see your sales numbers sizzle, Higgins Marketing Group can help. Contact us for a pressure-free chat about the marketing strategies that will make your business hotter than the summer sun. Not sure yet? Check out our work and let us know when you’re ready.