Web Design: Tips for Converting Your Visitors into Leads

Congratulations on having a clean and concise website that’s easy to navigate! Nevertheless, this is just the beginning. To be truly successful at capturing leads with your website, you need to focus on the intricate details of the website design that will persuade visitors to provide their contact information.

Proven Design Strategies That Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

When you incorporate the following tips into your website design, your conversion rate will skyrocket!  

Display a Clear Tagline

The websites with the most impressive conversion rates have concise value propositions that are prominently positioned within the top half of the homepage.

A value propositions is a slogan or tagline. The ones that achieve the highest conversion rates are brief and contain precise wording that explains exactly what the business offers and who is being targeted. The least effective tag lines are creative and vague.

Include Powerful Calls to Action that Cannot Be Overlooked

Every website design must include a Call-to-Action (CTA) that encourages the visitor to provide their email address or other contact information.

It’s important to accurately predict what will entice your visitors to answer the CTA. Try out different calls to action to see which ones attract the most clicks. Keep in mind that popularity fluctuates. When you notice that a particular CTA button is not receiving as many clicks as it used to, upload a different one. You may even want to put your call-to-action buttons on a scheduled rotation.

The placement of the call-to-action is of vital importance.

Positioning the CTA button between paragraphs or centering it within the left or right margin are all acceptable locations. However, you must make the CTA stand out by surrounding it with adequate white space (more about this later). If you fail to do this, the webpage will appear cluttered, and the CTA will be less impactful.

In addition to strategic static positioning, many marketers are having success with calls to action that appear as pop ups in the website design.  

You can strengthen your calls to action by turning them into lead magnets. The websites with the highest conversion rates use lead magnets that nurture the reader after it grabs them. In other words, create a lead magnet that makes visitors an offer they can’t refuse.

The most effective grab/nurture lead magnets are specific and immediately solve a single issue. Examples of this include offers of ebook downloads, instant coupons, and free shipping.

Once the reader answers the call to action by clicking, you must deliver. If you fail to do this, you have lost their trust and respect—forever.

The Need for Speed

We’ve all heard to the old adage, “Time is money,” and this is especially true when it comes to your website’s ability to capture leads. If your homepage is slow to load, forget about your visitors sticking around long enough to become leads.

Use the following design techniques to decrease your website’s load time.

1) Optimize images by compressing your image files. You should also save your images with a filename that matches the keywords in your alt-text summary.

2) Use WordPress or another website building platform that allows you to make optimizations to your site speed.

3) Repair broken links by running your website through a broken link test.

4) Cache files that don’t change such as your logo and social media icon imagery.

5) Add expires headers, so visitors don’t have to download the same files from your server multiple times.

Apply the Psychology of Color

Serious marketers are designing their website according to the psychology of color to influence visitors and boost brand recognition.

To dramatically increase your conversion rate, you must design your website with colors that emotionally stimulate your visitors and decrease your website’s bounce rate by encouraging users to stay on webpages longer.

Research has demonstrated that 69% to 90% of website visitors are impacted by the colors of the homepage. Additionally, studies have proven that color plays a part in 85% of product purchases.

If you choose your color scheme wisely, you will successfully convert visitors into leads with little effort. For example, people purchase from companies they trust. Blue is the color associated with trust, peace, and loyalty. When you use shades of blue in your website design, you are seeding these sentiments into the visitors’ subconscious mind. Facebook and PayPal are two companies utilize this technique in their website designs.

Consider your products when choosing colors. Green is perfect for companies focused on environmental kindness. Meanwhile, black represents luxury, so companies that provide lavish products or services are smart to utilize this color in their web design. If your business caters to women, use shades of pink in your website to communicate femininity.

Regarding calls to action, bright colors attract the most clicks. Numerous studies have shown that red, green, orange, and yellow deliver the highest conversion rates.

White is an indispensable color in website design. Every webpage needs white space because it communicates spaciousness and breathability. White space also plays a huge part in lead conversion by drawing the reader’s eye toward calls to action and other important features.

Capture the Most Leads with a Clever Website Design

Marketing with the goal of converting website visitors into leads is both an art and a science.

Your website’s design speaks volumes without saying anything at all. Not only does it embody everything about your business, but its intricate details express how passionate you are about supplying your customers with quality products and services.

When you can depend on your website design to convert visitors into leads, you can focus on building your business and delivering superior customer service. Once you reach this level of autonomy, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition!

If you’re ready to have a website design that rains quality leads, Higgins Marketing Group can help. Contact us for a pressure-free chat about how we can redesign your current website or build you a brand new one to effortlessly convert visitors into leads.      

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